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Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Cluj-Napoca

As the historical and spiritual capital of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca has been attracting thousands of students over the past decades. The higher education offer of the city grew wider in 2004, when the Cluj-Napoca study centre of the Sapientia University, the Faculty of Sciences and Arts started to function. Its most outstanding values lie in quality education tailored to students' needs, as well as in its spirit of openness and flexibility.

The Faculty is homed by two premises: a historic edifice in the centre of the city and a rented building. An additional dormitory provides accommodation for 30 students. The construction of a new property also started in 2011.

BSc programmes offered by the Faculty of Sciences and Arts, academic year 2011/2012:

  • Environmental Science
  • Cinematography, Photography, Media
  • International Relations and European Studies
  • Law


Facultaty of Sciences and Arts

Address: 400193 Cluj-Napoca, Calea Turzii no. 4, Cluj County, Romania

Tel.: +40-372-788-890

Fax.: +40-364-410-069




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