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Târgu Mureş

Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences

The Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences, established in 2001, is the most important centre of Hungarian language higher education of technical sciences in Romania, being unique in offering Hungarian language training in 6 engineering programmes.

As a result of the major investments started in the summer of 2003, in 2005 the Faculty took over a newly built campus at the outskirts of Târgu-Mureș, in the vicinity of the village of Corunca. The building with 3 large auditoriums, over 40 lecture halls and well-equipped laboratories, also hosting a cheerful cafeteria run by students, offers adequate space for all the challenges of modern education.

BSc programmes offered by the Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences, academic year 2011/2012:

  • Communication and Public Relations
  • Public Health Policies and Services
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Computer Science
  • Mechatronics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Automation and Applied IT
  • Machine Manufacturing Technology
  • Telecommunication Systems and Technologies
  • Horticulture


Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences
Târgu Mureş/Corunca
Şoseaua Sighişoarei 1C.
Postal address: 540485 Târgu Mureş, O.p. 9, C.p. 4
Tel.: +40 265 208 170, +40 723 193 989, +40 365 403 030 Fax: +40 265 206 211

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