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6th Conference on Horticulture and Landscape Architecture in Transylvania

The Department of Horticulture at the Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences, Târgu Mureş, Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, is pleased to announce the 6th Conference on Horticulture and Landscape Architecture in Transylvania. We welcome all interested parties to our online event, which will take place on May 28-29, 2021.

The topic of the conference:

The environment (built and natural) and the social context in which our settlements and the Transylvanian landscape are shaped are undergoing rapid and sudden changes. Excessive energy and raw material consumption, uncontrolled or careless urbanization, excessive, extreme globalization, or misguided rigid localization, along with its specific modes of production and consumption are some of the factors responsible for the changes in our living space, places of residence, habitats and in the life forms of our world. As long as the environmental changes are directly perceptible, understanding the connections, drawing conclusions and finding answers to the changes is a task concerning all of us, and thus the professionals as well.

The aims of the conference:

  • joint involvement of professionals, researchers, farmers, students, organizations working in the field of horticulture, landscape architecture, settlement planning, plant cultivation, plant protection or related fields in solving problems concerning the environmental changes;
  • establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships between participants;
  • involving young researchers in scientific life;
  • encouraging research work;
  • presentation and dissemination of scientific results.

Conference Sections:

Sustainable Territory and Environmentally Aware Settlements in a Landscape: Past, Present and Future
  • topic: the area as agricultural and territorial science entity - examination of sustainability issues, research, practical and theoretical presentation of planning, arrangement and management, its role in biodiversity, tourism, climate change, landscape rehabilitation and environmental education; the exploration, interpretation and use of the already known concept of “green city (settlement)” in the (local) practice of modern settlement planning
  • participants: territory and locality planning/developing professionals (urban planners, landscape engineers, landscape architects, geographers, etc.), farmers, economists, agricultural professionals, horticultural engineers, biologists, ecologists, representatives of collection gardens, scientific researchers, etc.
Public and Private Outdoor Spaces: Garden Design as a Complex Technical and Cultural Activity
  • topic: transformation of traditional land use and space use (including vegetation) due to changes in the individual and community farming-building culture and needs
  • participants: territory and locality planning/developing professionals (urban planners, landscape engineers), art historians, sociologists, horticultural engineers, etc.
Environmentally Friendly Farming: Crop Production Using Sustainable Technologies
  • topic: description of cultivation technology possibilities that preserve the fertility of soils, presentation of nature-friendly plant protection methods
  • participants: crop production specialists (agricultural engineers, horticultural engineers), biologists, environmental engineers, soil specialists
“A Small Farm with Big Ideas”: Opportunities for Small and Family Farms in the Carpathian Basin
  • topic: how can a local producer compete in the world of multinationals? Presentation of ideas, technological innovations that can make small farms successful
  • participants: crop production specialists (agricultural engineers, horticultural engineers), agricultural economists, producers
The Necessary Interdisciplinarity: Sciences for the Responsible Shaping of the Natural and Man-Made Environment
  • topic: in the shaping of the natural and man-made environment the answers given to current environmental and public health challenges, those of liveability itself, can only be joint and coordinated, formulated with the participation of both technical and human sciences
  • participants: territory and locality planning/developing professionals (urban planners, landscape engineers), sociologists, ecologists, biologists, agricultural and public health professionals, etc.

General information, deadlines:

Papers can be presented as oral presentations or posters (A0 format). Illustrative materials for oral presentations and posters should be provided in English. The language of the presentations can be English, Hungarian or Romanian.

Registration and abstract submission deadline: April 22, 2021.

The abstracts will be published in a supplement of Acta Biologica Marisiensis ( Only original papers will be accepted.

Submission deadline of articles for publication: June 15, 2021.
Full-length (in extenso) articles in English are to be be published in two journals edited in cooperation with Sciendo by De Gruyter:
  • Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Agriculture and Environment
  • Acta Biologica Marisiensis


Dr. Domokos Erzsébet
Dr. Hegedűs Noémi Melitta

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