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Dr. Zoltán Kolozsváry, lecturer of the Faculty of Târgu-Mureș, awarded

The Dennis Gabor Awards for outstanding scientific achievements have been awarded for the 30th time on December 13, 2018, at the Hungarian Parliament. With this honor named after Hungarian physicist and Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor, the Novofer Foundation aims to encourage and draw attention to ”innovation, research in technology and engineering, as well as machines and material constructions created by man.”

In 2018, the degree for Hungarian researchers from abroad was given to dr. Zoltán Kolozsváry, professor at the Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences in Târgu-Mureș and executive director of S.C. Plasmaterm S.A.

The professor was honored with the Dennis Gabor Award for his results obtained in the field of material science, protected by 15 patents registered in Hungary, Romania, Germany and USA, as well as for his outstanding teaching activity.


dennis gabor award, zoltán kolozsváry

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