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Scientific Research Department

The aim of the Scientific Research Department is to support and encourage scientific research activities within the framework of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, on the one hand, and publish the research studies and articles reporting the results of the scientific projects, on the other.

Institute for Scientific Research

Within the scope of the Scientific Research Department, the Institute of Research Programmes organizes, co-ordinates and provides financial support – using a specifically designed online application system – for scientific programmes and PhD scholarships within the framework of the Hungarian private university system of Transylvania (Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Partium Christian University). All support given is subject to the priorities as stated in the research strategy of the university.

The activities of the Institute are carried out in the framework of the following programmes:

Management & Staff

The Institute of Research Programmes is directed by the Head Council, an operative managing corporation. The Scientific Council is responsible for considering the applications for funds. This corporate entity is made up of twelve university teachers and academics.

President: Kása Zoltán, PhD, Professor, Scientific Director

Head of Department: Sorbán Angella, PhD

Programme manager: Szász-Köpeczi István

Publication editor: Szabó Beáta


Scientific Research Department, Institute of Research Programmes, Scientia Publishing House
400112 Cluj-Napoca, str. Matei Corvin nr. 4
Tel./fax: +40 364 401 454

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